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Evolving Digital Self

Oct 29, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Heidi and Emna Ghariani, CEO of Veamly a solution for the “noise” in communications so we can focus on being more present and productive.

Prior to Veamly, Emna founded Poindevster, a service company with the value proposition of CPO as a service. She built product and advised on go to market...

Oct 22, 2019

On this episode Dr. Heidi interviews Sean is a founder and CEO of SkyHive. Rapid digital transformation requires companies to rapidly transform their workforces. Reskilling is a global priority, yet there are no known tools that support it. SkyHive is the world’s most advanced enterprise SaaS platform that...

Oct 15, 2019

On this episode Dr. Heidi interviews Charlene Li, Founder and Senior Fellow at Altimeter, and author of the new book "The Disruption Mindset".

For the past two decades, Charlene Li has been helping people see the future. She’s the author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership and...