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Evolving Digital Self

Oct 23, 2018

Dr. Heidi talks with Deborah Greene, founder and CEO of LiveaMoment, a tech company and movement dedicated to creating and funding peace initiatives around the world. She is also a writer, educator, and international speaker.

Deborah’s newest venture, LiveaMoment has released a first of its kind app, designed to help people create their own 3 feet of Peace, connect with others around the world, aid in the teaching of Emotional Intelligence and raise money for a cause or nonprofit of their choice. She is recognized as a leader in peace technology and the app is being studied by Coventry University's Center for Trust, Peace & Social Relations to research the efficacy of the app in communities around the world, where she is also working towards a Masters in Global Diversity Governance.

Known as “The Peace Traveler”, Deborah created the Our State of Peace Project, traveled 9000 miles by car to over 40 states during the last elections cycle, forging conversations and documenting how we feel as individuals, as a nation, and as a growing global whole. The result is a tapestry of human emotion made up of hundreds of voices.

The project is now extending around the globe, creating cross-cultural events, filming more voices and raising funds for non-profits through the release of their donation function on the app.

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