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Evolving Digital Self

Oct 9, 2018

Dr. Heidi talks with Renée-Marie Stephano, CEO, and Co-Founder of Global Healthcare Resources about future proofing wellbeing solutions.

Renée-Marie Stephano, JD is president and co-founder of the Medical Tourism Association®, editor-in-chief of Medical Tourism Magazine® and the Health and Wellness Destination Guide Series of books and founder and CEO of Global Healthcare Resources, the leading global consulting and market solutions firm in Medical Tourism, Destination Medicine, Wellness Travel and Corporate Wellness. Also as founder of Corporate Health & Well-being Association, Renée-Marie is passionate about improving productivity through corporate wellness programs. She brings strategic solutions for the integration of medical and wellness travel, corporate wellness and population health management strategies to destinations worldwide.

GHR’s outreach spans a network of over 2 million professionals through its managed organizations, events, magazines, books and large social network. Renée-Marie developed professional training and certification programs for healthcare, hospitality and tourism and currently serves as a Director to the International Luxury Hotel & Travel Association. She has authored several books “Developing International Patient Centers, Best Practices in Facilitation,” "Medical Tourism for Insurers and Employers,” and “Engaging Wellness ~ Corporate Wellness Programs that Work.”

Ms. Stephano previously served as corporate transaction attorney. Now, she brings her passion to governments and hospitals around the world to develop sustainable medical travel patient programs and strategies and health equity programs, strongly believing one can and should fund the other. She is founder of the International Healthcare Research Center, which publishes the peer reviewed and academically validated Medical Tourism Index® and produced the Arabic Medical Tourism Index in 2016 for Dubai Health Authority.

Renée-Marie is a keynote speaker at international conferences, has spoken at hundreds of events and is a featured source of reference for media outlets around the world.

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